Growing food.  Eating food.  Lots of Vegetables.  

My name is Laura and I love to grow things, particularly vegetables.  I don’t have a favorite vegetable that I like to grow because really, I like the thrilling experience of growing a wide range of edible leaves, roots, flowers, stems, seeds, and fruits.  Yes, I said thrilling. 

I also really love to eat vegetables.  I suppose that’s part of why I love to grow vegetables.  I also don’t have a favorite vegetable that I like to eat, because part of my enjoyment comes from the mix of sweet, sour, crunchy, bitter, crisp, chewy, tart, I could go on but won’t, that make up the experience of eating lots of different kinds of vegetables. 

I have been growing vegetables for a number of years, now.  About four years in a more serious manner since vegetable growing is serious, serious business), and by serious I guess I really mean allowing my life to be consumed by growing vegetables for a whole season. 

During this time, I grew vegetables at an eco-village in a meadow, a community garden in a medium-sized town, a homestead in the woods on top of a hill, a very large 80-acre CSA (community supported agriculture) farm in a valley, and now, an urban CSA/market farm in a small city.  As you can see, I also don’t have a favorite place to grow vegetables.  Cause really, I support the practice of growing food everywhere (watch out for random acts of guerilla gardening that may include a tomato plant in your front yard). 

This year’s growing season is going to rock.  I am working at a new farm in Northampton, Massachusetts, called Town Farm. It was started by a young couple (Ben and Oona) who are into “ecologically-grown vegetables and meat from a farm dedicated to building community and producing food as locally as possible.”  The farm is a CSA for about 75 members, a farmer’s market farm (a Tuesday market, which the couple started), and an urban homestead. 

I’m super excited about working at this farm.  It’s such an amazing combination of vegetables (have you noticed the theme yet?), bicycles, goats, converted barns, nail guns, Danya, highway 91, perennial visions, five-minute walks to the best coffee shop in town, happy people, organic land reclamation, cute little boys who love animals, old-timer neighbors, and and and, once again, I could go on, and actually, this time I will because that is the point of this blog, to go on and on about my experience working at this farm in hopes that it might be of some interest to you and all of your cool friends…


Read on as the weeks unfold in all their glory.  

Sit on the edge of your seat with anticipation as we wait with fingers crossed for the first seedlings to sprout. 

Take a deep breath when it rains, rains again, rains some more, then pours.  

Gaze in awe at the splendor of the first ripe heirloom tomato…

Most importantly, eat vegetables.  Lots of them. 


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Mommy Says:

    Sweet! Don’t forget to mention that some people even grow tomatoes in pots on their driveway in the suburbs!

  2. lizzielove Says:

    Your blog is YAY!

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