some rain

Lots of goings ons here at the farm.

even the goats don't want to leave the barn

even the goats don't want to leave the barn

Mostly, the goings ons these days include rain. 

Lots of it. 

Really though.  So much. 

Somewhat reminiscent of last growing season here in New England, except a bit earlier in the game this year. 

Last year, the rain had a huge impact on our crops at the farm (the Food Bank Farm).  Mostly because of a disease called phytoptera that lives in the soil and is activated by rain.  We lost acres of cucurbits (squash, cucumbers, and pumpkins).  And peppers.  And our tomato season was really short.  Anyhow, at the time,I just assumed that it was an “off” season, but now I’m really beginning to wonder if our weather patterns in this area are changing so that our summers now are going to consistently be rainy.  Weird. 

Always new challenges to learn from with when working so intimately with the unpredictability of nature. 

We don’t have to worry too much about irrigation systems, which is nice.  And I definitely am not sunburned. 

So far, the most obvious effects of the rain at the farm this season are that we can’t keep up with the weeds as well because the best weed killing weather is hot and dry, and also, our warmer season crops (summer squash, eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers) are all moving a bit slower than usual. 


bicycle brigading

Speaking of keeping up with the weeds, we had such an awesome workday with the folks who are working at Hampshire College farm for the season. 

Usually it’s just two and sometimes three of us working out in the field together.  But the day the Hampshire folks came, we had about ten of us in the field and we managed to save our leeks and potatoes from being overtaken by weeds.  


Thank you Hampshire College folks. 

Not to mention, we got to ride around between our fields as a bicycle brigade.  One of  my favorite things to do in life is partake in bicycle brigades. 

I’ve been loving eating our delicious farm food. 

Mostly, I keep it simple.  Lots of salads, rice and veggie dishes, spring rolls…

I did have a blast last weekend making fresh pasta from our chickens’ eggs and learned the ropes of Ben and Oona’s homemade goat cheese. 


goat cheese

I love that my fridge is slowly being taken over by mostly farm foods: 

vegetables, goat milk, goat cheese, and eggs.  What more do you really need?

I also wanted to mention this week that I really appreciate the bicycle-dominated CSA pick-up scene at the farm.  Families, couples, housemates, friends… coming to pick up their veggies from their local farm on bicycles. 

I did get to see a pick up situation that I’ve never seen before last week, which was my friend Ben loading up his CSA vegetables on the back of his motorcycle.  Awesome.


motorcycle + vegetables = awesome

motorcycle + vegetables = awesome


3 Responses to “some rain”

  1. farmingforjustice Says:

    yay Laura! i love your blog. i just ate my dinner of miso soup, quinoa, salad, and a spring roll after a day of hanging goat curds and whey, then milking. what a treat! and a coincidence too. soo good to see you recently. i want more of it. we need to do a sun dance with all this rain.
    enjoy the farm life love

  2. Bookworm (Ezekiel) Says:

    Hi Willow! This a great blog. I especially liked the goat-naming story. The fresh pasta looks great!

  3. suna Says:

    hah, i found you………..
    i love that cheese and pasta, it’s been so long since I made some. i’ll be a special treat now that we have chickens.

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