must be summer

Ripe strawberries.IMG_4341

Harvesting radishes in my sleep. 

The bigggest decision of my day being which green I’m going to eat in my salad for lunch. 

The momentum of the abundance begins. 

Must be summertime here at the farm. 

Sooooo many plants in the ground. 

Last week, I think all I did for fifty-five hours was transplant vegetables from the greenhouse into the ground. 

Plus some harvesting and weeding here and there. 

Wow.  Tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, lettuces, and basil.  In the ground. 

Harvesting spinach, head lettuce, lettuce mix, stir fry mix, turnips, radishes, scallions, herbs, chard, broccoli raab, beets, strawberries, kale, oh man. 

marketOur display at the farmer’s market is colorful and abundant.  

Our CSA share is hearty and lovely. 

Not to brag.  I’m not trying to take the credit.  It’s the nature of the work.  The magic of the season that puts forth so much overflowing taste, texture, and beauty.  It’s this time in the season that I begin to feel like my hands are just one small part of this larger movement of nature to bringing forth life to sustain me and my community of people.  It’s both so powerful and humbling at the same time. 

The Tuesday market is picking up every week for us, and our CSA pick-ups, which started a week and a half ago, are running smoothly.  Whereas I feel somewhat already in the flow of the abundance of food in the season, it’s so wonderful to experience market customers’ and shareholders’ awe at the bounty our local land is able to supply this time of year. 


The good kind of exhaustion that leads to long deep sleep.


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