market time


full field

full field

I know I know. 

Two weeks gone by, not one. 

This is because it’s the end of May and I’m a farmer. 

So much is happening.  !

Cucumbers, summer squash, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, leeks… in the ground.

Weeding, feeding, thinning, watering, harvesting…

Yes, harvesting!

We had our first Tuesday farmer’s market. 

Last summer, when Ben and Oona were in their first full farming season, attempting to figure out what exactly was their most appropriate and profitable market as in-town vegetable growers, they came to the realization that this town (Northampton) had a demand for a second farmer’s market. 

The Saturday market is very established, which is wonderful, but it also means that there is not a whole lot of opportunity for newer farmers to participate. 

So Ben and Oona decided to create a new market, on Tuesday afternoons from 2-7 PM, that would create opportunities for newer diverse farmers to sell their wares, as well as create a celebratory open-air market in a central location downtown. 

Not only does the market include vegetable growers, maple syrup producers, goat cheese artisans, herbalists, and bread bakers, but there is also a different local musician every week, as well as a booth for a local artist/crafter to share/sell their work every week. 

the marvel

the marvel

And Tuesday was the first market of the season!

We spent the morning out in the field harvesting our hard earned vegetable products- arugula, baby bok choy, radishes, head lettuce, loose leaf lettuce, spinach, and scallions.

Then we washed all the vegetables in our marvelous new wash station, proudly designed by Ben.  (I call it, ‘the marvel). 

Once all the vegetables are washed, we packed them all up in crates and loaded them onto bike trailers, along with our canopies, tables, scale, signs, and all the other bits and pieces that make up our market both. 

It took three bike trailers to carry everything we needed at the market, and it was only the first week. 

Oh, what it will look like once we have tomatoes and squash.




Anyhow, we had an awesome four-person bike brigade from the farm to the market. 

This was one of my favorite parts.  This and the banjo fiddle duo, the freshly baked bread and goat cheese combo, people’s ecstatic reactions to fresh arugula, spinach and radishes, charlotte’s yellow balloon and silver bracelets at the artist booth, and getting to see lots of people I love that I never get to see because I mostly hang out with vegetables. 

Farmers market.  Good for the world.  Good for me. 

I just have to say, this is such an important time of season for farmers, because after spending two months planting, watering, thinning, and weeding, I almost begin to forget that I’m actually doing this work to feed lots of people.  Which is so good.  So now begins the part of feeding lots of people. 

We are entering the full flow of the farming season.  Every week is seeding in the greenhouse, transplanting, hardening off next week’s plants, direct seeding into the beds, cultivating the plants in the field, harvesting vegetables, distributing vegetables…

Full time.  Go.  





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