late april heat wave


very hot sunset

We had a crazy heat wave this week.  Somehow, even though it has been mostly chillier than normal for April, the temp reached up into the 80’s and even low 90’s. 

Kind of crazy.  Kind of fun. 

It inspired a swim trip up to the Mill River- always a good idea.river

A lot of the plants loved it.  All of our tomato starts totally took off in the greenhouse.  So did the cucumbers and melons that we had just seeded the week before. 

Somewhat explosive. 

It was kind of weird, though, to have it be so hot but not even have any leaves on the trees yet.  Oh, climate change. 

New babies continue to arrive. 

mulberryMavis (a goat) had two little cutie pies.  One boy.  One girl. 

She gave birth super early in the morning.  Around 4:30 or so. 

We hadn’t been checking in on her because, in the past, when Ben and Oona had bred her, she had consistently had her kids during the day. 

Well, this birth broke that pattern. 

Amazingly, she successfully had her kids without our support.  Usually, it’s helpful for people to support the birth; to make sure that the babies are coming out right, to make sure that they’re breathing once they’ve been birthed and are milking on their momma alright…

Ben went into the barn on Sunday morning to do chores and he was checking in on everybody and suddenly realized that there were two new healthy. 

Unfortunately, we think because Mavis (the momma) was a bit stressed out during and after the birth, she initially rejected both kids, then eventually let the little girl milk but still not the little boy. 

Which means that we are bottle feeding him.  Which is amazing.  I recommend it.

silas and max

silas and max

By the way, the kids names are Max and Mulberry.  Silas (Ben and Oona’s three-year-old, named them).  And also, cause I know you’re dying to know, the other three goat kids are named Puck, Fred (Winifred), and Clara (my name choice). 

We hooked up the new Planet Junior seeder this week.  The seeder, which gets attached to the back of one of the tractors, has three containers with different sized plates for different sized seeds that drops the seeds as it’s wheels roll along the bed behind the tractor.  Sounds relatively simple, right?  Of course it took us a while to figure it all out, as most of these machines do, but eventually, we got it rolling and were able to get a bunch of seeds in the ground before a light rain. 

Up until Ben and Oona got this seeder, we were using the Earth Ways seeder, which is a really basic hand-powered push seeder.  I really like it, but it’s harder for a person to make straight rows than it is a tractor, and we need straight rows in order to cultivate (weed) with a tractor, which is pretty necessary at the scale we’re trying to work. 





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