spring brings shelves and white house garden


imperfectly custom built shelves

Spring is here.  

Friday, March 20th to be exact.  

Equal light and dark.  

It’s still freezing cold out though.  

I’m waiting for the red maples to explode.  

They seem to be taking their time.  

Anyhow, week one at the farm and we’ve planted onions, lettuces, parsley, chard, and spinach.  All in flats in the greenhouse.  To get ready to be transplanted into the ground for when it’s not frozen.  Thaw ground, thaw.  

My lovely co-worker Danya and I have had the grand pleasure of learning how to build shelves.  Shelves for the greenhouse, shelves for the pantry, shelves for my room to be in the barn house, shelves for the farm storage room, etc etc.  

Building shelves = taking measurements, cutting wood on the chop saw, fitting the pieces together using a square and a screw gun, re-measuring the diagonal once the frame is built, and filling in the shelves.  So simple, and yet somehow a bit frustrating.  I think it’s because wood is organic and fairly non-linear and our mind-centered designs and measurements are very straight and square.  Anyhow, the idea of custom built shelving is way less daunting now.  Are you in need of some imperfect custom built shelves?  Give me a call.  

By the way, on the first day of Spring, Michelle Obama broke ground for a new food garden at the White House.  A-Mazing. 

Earlier this winter, when there was a lot of buzz that a White House farm might happen, Danya and I got really excited about applying for the farmer position.  We even began to write an application. 

Well, winter happened, and we didn’t apply, and she and I are farming in Northampton and not in Washington D.C., but the food growing is happening regardless at the White House and I love it. 

Check out the New York Times article at: 


An 1100 square foot garden with 55 varieties of vegetables, grown organically. 

The Obama family, weeding their vegetable garden. 



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